The Best Community Zed Sites ( At The Moment )

Updated: Jan 29

Zed Run has without a doubt, one of the best communities within the NFT space - No question.

There are tonnes of content creators and smart coders ( I like to call them Wizards) that have been creating extremely helpful sites, but recently they've started getting better and better.

So I'd like to show you some of my personal favourites.

This list is in no particular order:

1. Know Your Horses (KYH)

Know Your Horses has been around a while now and it's definitely one of the finest community ran sites going.

It's the most complete site, you can find everything on here. It's great for detailed breakdowns on your horses, whether you want to compare speed charts or check out your profit/loss across your stable it's all here.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it provides a lot of data, with even more to explore in the menus on the left hand side.

They also feature a google chrome extension which is definitely worth looking at, it massively upgrades the Zed Run website UI to provide more information on your horses.


2. Hawku

Hawku has one of the cleanest UIs across all of Zeds community sites in my opinion. It's a personal favourite of mine when checking Listings + horses on the Stud Market.

Whilst it doesn't provide the in-depth details KYH does, it has a cleaner user experience. It packs a lot of information onto the screen and it's easy to analyse at speed, which can make all the difference when you're looking to find a good horse for cheap.

Simply click "Quick View" under the horse to analyse the horse in more detail without having to leave the listings. A great feature to the site.


3. StackedNaks

StackedNaks is a new addition to the community and honestly, it's quickly becoming a favourite of mine. It doesn't try and do everything like KYH, but it focuses specifically on your horses Race Times + Speed.

Two things, until recently I'd never seriously looked at. Now odds are removed from the game and we're dependant on flames, we need all the data we can get to improve our chances of winning.

Analysing this data for your stable can significantly improve your stables Win % in my opinion.


4. Zombie Racing Tournaments

Zombie Racing has been an established stable within the Zed Run ecosystem since April, 2021.

The Zombie Racing Club is responsible for creating the first seasonal tournaments within the community. The tournaments can now be found even being hosted live on the Zed Run website.

Season One was an overwhelming success with over $100,000 in prize winnings. I've had discussions with Joe from ZRC and know that Season Two is going to be even bigger and better.

If you're interested in learning more about the tournament then join the Zombie Racing Club discord which is one of the best Zed Run communities to get started!


5. ZED LEAGUE by LIR Syndicate

Zed League is one of the newer additions to my knowledge. It's a fairly simple site, that ranks your horses based on an algorithm they've created.

Having been in the Zed Run community for nearly a year now, I like to think I know most of the best horses in the game and where to place them and in my opinion I feel this is pretty accurate at the top, therefore I can only assume it's the same throughout the entire table.

Therefore if you've ever wondered HOW good your Z55 horse is and how he stacks up against the best in the game, now you can see.

One of my favourite tables here though, is the Born <30 Days Rank - you're often unaware of the games best new horses until they're already reliably beating you.

Which, if you're not careful can end up costing you a fair bit.

This table allows you to keep up to date on the games best new breeds, giving you a chance to avoid them which could save you a fair bit of money.


6. MJ Informatics

MJinformatics is possibly the most data-heavy website of them all. MJ delivers a plethora of tools to help you extrapolate as much profit from your horses as possible if used correctly.

The site, in my opinion, is definitely the hardest to read and understand but it's worthwhile taking the time to get your head around it all as I believe it's one of the most useful tools we have currently.

MJ streams on Twitch and is pretty active on Twitter, so if you have any questions relating to the site you're not happy about I advise having a chat with him about it - He's always been nothing but helpful to me.


7. Zed Racer

Zed Racer is one of the newer sites to the community, despite that it's already one of my personal favourites.

You can track and watch your Zed Run races live on their dashboard which is catered to your stable, providing you with live access to all your races & information regarding stable profits and much more.

The improvements I've seen on this site in the last few weeks leads me to think this site has a lot of promise and is one to watch for the future.


If you'd like your site added to this list then get in touch with me on Twitter or Discord, you'll find me at Award Racing.

Thanks for your time and I'll see you on the track!

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