Where do I buy a horse?

Hey everyone,

In this article I’m going to help guide you in purchasing your first horse.

I touched on it in my last article, You're looking to buy your first horse.

But I still see the question come up a lot in the discord chats so let’s just get straight into it.

There‘s two places I get my horses from;

  • Matic.Opensea

  • Zed Discord

Both have their flaws and issues.

Hopefully, this article makes you aware of them so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your first horse.

Let‘s start with Matic.Opensea.

Matic.Opensea is a currently still within beta, as of writing this at least.

It’s improving every week, however it’s not perfect.

Too often the site is down, preventing buyers and sellers the opportunity to make deals.

With Opensea not working, where else can you find horses for sale?

On the Zed Discord Channel. There's plenty of sellers with great reputations trading on the platform and I've traded plenty of horses on here without any issues whatsoever.

But that doesn't mean that issues don't arise.

Trading on discord is peer to peer (P2P) Meaning, you're trusting the other party to stick to what was agreed for the transaction to be successful for both parties.

Sounds risky, right?

It is.

Numerous people have unfortunately been scammed trading P2P.

So how can we ensure a level of protection and safety when trading on discord?

Escrow. This means, using a trusted, reliable member of the community to act as the middle man during the transaction.

The seller of a horse sends their horse to the middleman. Once that horse has safely arrived, the buyer can transfer funds to the seller.

Once that's confirmed, the middleman can send the horse to the new buyer.

I've personally acted as the middleman on numerous transactions and never had any issues. Having said that, this is still incorporates an element of risk.

So please know the risks beforehand.

Therefore, in my opinion where is the best place to purchase horses?

1,000% Opensea.

It absolutely has its issues from time to time. But overall it’s going to be the safest place for you to buy a horse.

In the future the website will have better search filters, but right now it’s very slow to navigate.

For this reason, I suggest using Zed Nucleus

It helps make searching for horses so much easier and will save you a lot of time.

Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

All the feedback has been overwhelming, so thank you. Here's to growing this community one new player at a time!

If you are considering doing a deal on Discord, I'm happy to act as the middleman for you if required. Just send me a message!

See you out on the track!

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