Zombie Racing Club x Footium

If you were a Season One ZRC Holder then you're going to like this announcement!

Joe from Zombie Racing is partnering with the team from Footium for a 3 day tournament, with over $10,000 worth of prizes to play for.

Watch the trailer below to get hyped!


When Does The Tournament Start?

The tournament starts February 18 until February 20th.


How can I enter?

More details will come nearer the time, but for now, if you've purchased an ZRC Mint Pass in Season One and minted a card specific to a horse you own, then you'll be granted access to the tournament.

For anyone who missed out in Season One though and didn't mint their Zombie Racing Cards, you can do that here - which will then provide you access to the tournament.


What is Footium?

Footium is a multiplayer Football (Soccer, to our silly American readers) Management game live on the blockchain.

When purchasing a team you own:

- The Squad

- The Fanbase

- The Coaches

- The Stadium

- The Academy

And all it's glorious history too.

The Leagues are comprised of Eight Divisions.

Division One being the premier division, currently has a floor of 21 ETH and many 8+ ETH purchases to date.

Division Eight is where the beautiful game for many begins, which currently has a floor prize of 0.215 ETH at the time of writing this.

Every season, you'll have the chance to gain promotion and move into higher divisions allowing your club to attract better players through it's academy helping build your team for future success. However, should you neglect your team and you could find yourself getting relegated down the divisions.


Dons & Donkeys

If you've taken part in ZRC Season 1 Tournaments then you'll understand how this tournament works.

It'll follow a similar structure to the previous Dons & Donkeys tournament which you can see below.


Enough Talking, What Prizes Can I win?

The prizes will be split into two Categories

Dons are competing for a Division 3 team, which currently is worth roughly 6 ETH.

Finishing Second & Third will see you take home a Division 8 Team.

For those of you us out there who don't have any Dons, don't worry you've got something to compete too!


If you'd like more information on the tournament then jump into the Zombie Racing Club Discord or follow Joe on Twitter

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